Your image is everything

Your online presence is the most effective marketing tool to reach your customers by shaping their perception. However, third parties can influence your e-reputation with articles or online comments. Proper management of your e-reputation is crucial to control your image. It only takes one bad comment or adverse media to send a negative impression of your company and weaken your trust index causing a decrease in sales.

Your E-reputation

A Witty Support!

Your e-reputation is an important part of your company’s overall reputation and image. It is built through many sources on the internet, such as:

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on;

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and so forth;

Links from press articles or blogs; and,

Sites for sharing reviews and experiences such as Google listings, Tripadvisor, etc.

L’effet Futé can assist you in the management of your e-reputation. We can run a complete diagnostic of your reputation on the internet and recommend specific solutions aimed at eliminating the source of negative issues in order to obtain the image that better suits you. Following this, we can carry out a vigil to monitor your e-reputation effectively.

Overall reputation

Whether you are in B2C or B2B, e-reputation is the essential element to master, as it allows you to create a trusting relationship with your customers. If your reputation has been compromised in any manner, you need to quickly change the community's perception of your company to minimize the damage.

Negative press

Negative press coverage can result in brand rejection. According to the algorithms' logic, scandalous articles often rank first in Google's results because they are high profile. This means that the user searching for your company will see these articles first, even if they were written many years ago.

Related searches suggested by Google

The Google search engine suggests words as a user writes his query, based on the most popular subject search. As a result, one can find undesirable suggestions, such as terms related to scandals like "Charbonneau Commission" linked to a construction company.

Social media

Most social networks allow organizations to create a community in order to promote their brand by interacting with their followers. This also allows users to gather and exchange about companies, either in a positive or negative way. The exchanges can subsequently be indexed by search engines.

Bad reviews

Online consumer reviews, especially those on Google listings, TripAdvisor and Yelp, are very important for businesses. Occasionally, however, you receive bad reviews, and sometimes they can even be fake and written by a dishonest competitor. Such reviews tarnish your e-reputation and reduce your business opportunities.

Human resources

Human resources management has changed considerably with the Internet. Candidates are researching companies long before they send in their resumes. You need to ensure that the company's e-reputation is flawless and that the work environment is friendly and inviting in order to attract talented candidates.

Futé, Futé … What does it mean?

Futé means Witty! Being witty is all about developing opportunities where others only see chaos! We see the internet as a playground: we analyze and simplify it so that it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

A Customized

Strategic Plan

We analyze all sectors to evaluate your e-reputation, including the following, in order to present you with a customized strategic plan:

A precise action plan to suit your specific needs

A detailed report of your situation will be presented to you to determine your e-reputation level per sector with recommendations for improvement. An accurate picture will then emerge showing the actions that need to be taken to achieve a strong and enviable e-reputation.

A customized support

Once the strategic plan has been approved, we can provide support to help implement the tools and practices that will help ensure that your e-reputation meets your objectives and needs.

Discretion is assured

Our silence is golden

Managing your reputation is critical and when it comes to your e-reputation, it is best to protect and strengthen it with the help of experts in the field. However, the mere idea that your e-reputation can be “influenced” can undermine the trust the average consumer has in what they find about you. Consequently, our discretion in relation to this type of mandate is just as important as our results.

L'effet Futé Non-Disclosure

The whole team at L’effet Futé works hard to succeed in all our mandates. This means that our team respects the strictest confidentiality when managing your e-reputation or any other mandate. As such, all of our employees are bound by non-disclosure agreements regarding our customers.

Our covert achievements

We are very efficient in e-reputation management, however, since our silence is golden and we respect a code of strict confidentiality regarding our work, you will never see company names or case studies on the subject. You will need to trust our strategic plan which we will be presenting to you!

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