Futé Headhunting!

Build Your Own Network With Us

Take back control of your recruitment process by building your own network of potential candidates. This way, you can conduct your own headhunting autonomously, without any commissions, and at your convenience.

For the cost of a single placement through a recruitment agency, you could develop a sustainable network that can be used over and over again. Recruitment agencies fulfill 80% of their mandates through their candidate database. So why not build your own?

With Futé Headhunting, you'll benefit from tailored strategies to build a relevant candidate database, targeted to your specific needs and desired geographic area.

A Headhunting That Pays Off for You!

Short-Term Recruitment and Long-Term Value Creation

Push the boundaries of traditional headhunting with our Futé service! More than just a recruitment service, it's a true extension for your business, as all applications are recorded in your own database.

With these key steps in place, your hiring process evolves into a smarter and more efficient approach.

The Power of a Candidate Database, Effortlessly!

The Solution To Reach the Right Candidates at the Desired Time

Access the power of a candidate database without any additional effort on your part. Our goal is to establish a system that makes the collection, management, and communication with potential candidates as simple as possible.

Automated Creation

Continuous candidate attraction is ensured through various strategies, and their management is automated by a system tailored to your business.

Automated Management

Simplify tracking and communication with your candidate database through our automated system. This helps increase the favorable response rate when utilizing it for hiring purposes.

Utilization of the Database

Effectively utilize your candidate database for hiring needs.

Adopt Smart Recruitment strategies! Let your recruitment process automate while increasing efficiency and achieving better results.

The Current Market Makes Yesterday’s Recruitment Outdated

The job market has undergone an irreversible transformation. Many companies have tried to double their efforts using the same recruitment techniques, hoping to achieve results. Unfortunately, the old methods are now outdated and only result in increased costs and meager outcomes.

Success in recruitment has become a crucial competitive advantage, and it is imperative to rethink hiring methods according to the new reality.

New Technologies: Your Best Ally!

It's time to get ahead in the hiring process. The adoption of new technologies is the key to modern recruitment. Companies that recognize and utilize it are the ones that will rise and strengthen their presence in the market.

Ignoring the importance of technology in hiring is a costly mistake. New technologies are the key to successfully navigate the landscape of modern recruitment.

Let's develop your team to support your growth

Opt for headhunting through your own candidate network
to be self-sufficient!

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