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E-mail frequency and topics are two crucial factors in building customer loyalty and selling your products and services. Let us manage your newsletter campaigns to maximize your results.


A proven strategy

Effective management of your newsletter campaigns plays an important role in achieving your sales goals. This means taking the time to prepare a mailing schedule and choosing specific topics according to the targeted personas. All this takes time and tact! And our Witty Team has plenty of that for you.

Sound management of your newsletters allows you to:

Newsletter Management

In 3 steps
Based on the number of newsletters scheduled annually in your strategy, we determine the best delivery dates and establish the editorial and visual content according to your personas and topics. You stay in control by receiving an editorial calendar for approval, followed by content layouts for each newsletter.
Setting up a database of your customers, with a good segmentation, is crucial to optimize your newsletters. Its maintenance and growth are equally important and require a rigorous follow-up. Our work methodology allows a good transition of your initial data as well as regular updates while remaining in compliance with the Canadian anti-spam law.
Equally important, we analyze the results of newsletter campaigns to determine which ones perform best according to your criteria: best click-through rate or best open rate. We can also perform A/B testing to determine which version responds better to the needs of your personas.

Newsletter campaigns

A 360° Approach to Web Marketing
Contrary to popular belief, newsletter marketing is at its best when we emphasize quality over quantity. Our team takes great care in building a solid content based on your sales and event calendar, and only delivers it at the right time.
That's our Witty Spirit!

Futé, Futé … What does it mean?

Futé means Witty! Being witty is all about developing opportunities where others only see chaos! We see the internet as a playground: we analyze and simplify it so that it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

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