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An evolving strategy

Our team at L'effet Futé is always on the lookout for new and evolving web trends. As a result, we can design new strategies to ensure that your website performs at its best over the years.

Enhance your web performance


To avoid the inconvenience of a website overhaul, we recommend our content optimization service. Although we made sure to offer the best website at the time of its creation, the internet is constantly evolving and so is your competition. With this service, we remain proactive by reviewing your site's results monthly and adjusting the strategy through ongoing improvements.

How we can make a difference

01 Website performance

Above all, your website is your sales tool. It must be efficient and have a good conversion rate. A good marketing strategy involves converting the maximum number of visitors into real customers!

02Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google evaluates your website based on hundreds of elements. We make all the necessary adjustments to ensure that your SEO is at its best. Keep your ranking with a continuously optimized website.

03 Mobile & Tablet

In B2C, more than 50% of customers visit your site via their mobile or tablet. Don't miss the boat: optimize your conversion rate so that your site performs as well on mobile and tablet as on desktop.

04 Design & user experience

Enhance your customer's experience on your website with an impactful and innovative design. Every visual element is designed to create a wow effect and guide your visitors effectively. Our websites include witty navigation that increases conversion!

05Selling points

Addressing the target audience with the appropriate pitch requires a lot of skill. You've come to the right place! Our content manager can move your customers to action.

06 E-reputation

Your company's image is influenced by good and bad reviews, glowing or negative articles and so much more. Through media monitoring, we can substitute any criticisms with other useful things about you.

07 HR Marketing

For your hiring needs, we have several strategies in terms of targeting as well as methods of receiving applications. Our strategies take into account all possible types of positions (manual or office jobs, with or without specialized education for the position, headhunting type or for a mass application reception).

Monthly performance review

Stay on top of your website's performance

Receive a monthly report based on the performance metrics established in the digital marketing strategy. The process will allow for content optimization to reinforce strengths and correct weaknesses.

A 4-step process

Performance analysis

We analyze the performance of your website and its environment every month. We collect data on visitor behavior, search engine rankings and more. Once the site and its environment are fully analyzed, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses in relation to the established objectives.

Strategy development

Our team of digital marketing strategists then develops a content optimization strategy. It will reinforce the strengths of your website while correcting its weaknesses. The purpose is to reach your goals set in the initial strategy.

Solution integration

Our integration team works with the marketing team to validate the strategy to be implemented. As a result, we can modify the existing website, create new content, reorganize the site's arborescence and much more. These changes will then be analyzed in the following month.

Analysis of results and adjustments

The following month we analyze the new results of your website, we make comparisons with previous months and can then make adjustments to improve the performance of the web strategy. And the Futé process begins again!

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