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Boosting your online presence

Build your online presence with our team of community management experts. Engaging content based on your effective web marketing strategy. In other words, everything you need to showcase your business on social media!

A strategy that broadens your reach

Posting on social networks means gaining visibility to increase sales!

L’effet Futé is committed to managing your community and making it an integral part of your overall strategy. Our team of experts includes a social media strategist and a content manager.

We are committed to developing a strategy that takes the following into account:

At L'effet Futé, your community is engaged!

Engaging posts

Get your followers to interact

Your posts must attract attention and make your target audience respond. It is crucial that they stand out from the crowd. Their competition will be fierce with the flood of posts available such as daily quotes, videos of “fails” and even (very) miscellaneous stuff!

You need to be relevant in order to increase the engagement rate of your followers! Whether it’s through text, images or videos, your potential customers will only take action if your messages appeal to them and make them react.

Additionally, social media algorithms value relevant content and offer you more exposure in return. Of course, this requires some A/B testing to identify the most relevant posts. Rest assured: the odds are in your favor since our content manager will be right there with you!

A Ready to Go Solution

A 360-degree Management of your online presence


The must-have social media for any B2C business. With over 2 billion active users, it offers the largest audience and demands a well managed comment and review system.


The leading social media network for professionals. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B businesses to cultivate professional connections. The platform provides access to executives and managers who are otherwise difficult to reach.


At its core, Instagram is a social network focused on visual content and the moment. It's the perfect tool for businesses working in fashion, design, travel, etc.


The world' s largest video hosting and sharing site. YouTube has billions of daily views and is packed with videos of all kinds: tutorials, product reviews, presentations, conferences, demonstrations, news, corporate videos, etc.

Google my business

While not part of the social networks, it is a vital local SEO tool for any business. Google my business offers a solution to boost natural referencing and to present, in one click, relevant information to Internet users.

Managing your community

We cultivate your social capital

Ping, Ding, Buzz!

Potential customers are asking you questions using your social networks!

You have to respond quickly and correctly to prevent them from contacting your competitor!

A money-making strategy!

You constantly need to be present by answering your customers’ questions quickly. In fact, social media interaction between a company and its customers helps increase conversion rates. As we design powerful and creative posts to encourage engagement, we also offer to respond to your customers as an added bonus.

Our social media specialist takes care of it all so that your customers are instantly well informed. The result? An increase in your conversion rate and a closer relationship with your customers to build loyalty!

Futé, Futé … What does it mean?

Futé means Witty! Being witty is all about developing opportunities where others only see chaos! We see the internet as a playground: we analyze and simplify it so that it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

Cultivate your relationship
with your target audience

Choose advertisements that stand out
while considering your budget!

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