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Well-known by most of us, the newsletter is as relevant as ever. The newsletter allows you to maintain a relationship with your customers while building loyalty and reaching out to potential buyers. Sending a newsletter is an effective way to promote your brand and sell your products. It must still be well executed to achieve the desired results.

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Successful newsletter management involves a number of steps, such as:

– Creating contact lists that reflect your targeted audience;
– Developing newsletter templates that reflect your brand image;
– Writing personalized content according to your personas;
– A/B testing to ensure the best results; and,
– Analysis of results and adjustments when needed.

L'effet Futé has mastered and controlled all of these steps, and much more, for it is the little details that deliver the big results. You can trust our expertise to achieve the best performance for your campaigns.

Have the right topic

A good newsletter will have a clear topic and the template of the newsletter will have to be adapted to the story you want to communicate. Don't lose sight of the topic's appeal. The newsletter should also be sent at the right moment! We recommend planning a calendar detailing the subjects in accordance with the best time of the year to send it.

Effective open rate

You want to have the best open rate for your newsletters to ensure maximum visibility. In order to do this, you must do the right thing in several areas. You need to have the right mailing frequency, choosing the right day of the week and especially the right time without forgetting that you need a catchy email title. In addition, the relevancy of past newsletters will also have an influence on the open rate of future ones.


The newsletter content must be relevant and meet the needs and interests of your customers. It should be neither too long nor too short while allowing for diagonal reading, as more and more people sort through their emails this way. In addition, you must have catchy headlines to entice people to read the newsletter and keep them interested all the way through.

Segment your database

Segmenting your database to reflect your personas gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to target your marketing approach when sending your newsletter. By determining the personas, your content will be 100% adapted and will result in the best possible customer experience, promoting loyalty and an excellent ROI.

Successful call to actions

Each newsletter must contain at least one call to action, meaning at least one link to your website. The click-through rate to the website is important, as it is a good indicator of your newsletter's performance. The call to action must also be well chosen to encourage readers to take action.

The right design

The design of your newsletter should entice your reader to browse, read and reply to the call to action. Create your own core newsletter template so that it reflects your company, your clientele and the content you offer. Ultimately, if your reader has made the decision to open your newsletter, you must wow them!

Landing page

The landing page on your website is the element that will convert your newsletter reader. When the user reaches this page, it means that your newsletter has aroused their interest and all that's left to do is complete your conversion. Keep a good design and a strong content to optimize your results!

Futé, Futé … What does it mean?

Futé means Witty! Being witty is all about developing opportunities where others only see chaos! We see the internet as a playground: we analyze and simplify it so that it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

Newsletter types

Based on your needs


Newsletter automation helps align your marketing efforts with your customers' reality. There are a multitude of possibilities when it comes to the types of automated newsletters, all depending on your digital strategy. Automations can be related to an outstanding after-sales service, the promotion of a complementary product for a cross-selling, a special message on your customers' birthday or a friendly reminder after 3 months without a purchase on your website. In short, automated newsletters allow you to send a personalized message based on a unique situation to your customers.


For an online business, newsletters are an excellent way to increase the frequency of purchases from your existing customers. At very little cost, you can increase an average shopping cart, make cross-sales or simply introduce a new product!


Promotional newsletters are very popular, they allow you to send friendly reminders throughout the season. Either at the launch of your products, during specific promotions or during the end of season clearance sale. In any case, your newsletters must be well designed to have the greatest impact during promotions since they are time-limited.


The purpose of an informative newsletter is to provide your customers with relevant information and to encourage them to take action. Successful examples of this type of newsletter offer a friendly reminder of your existence while providing information about upcoming events, news, and tips and tricks related to your expertise.

Newsletter subscription

For a rich database

Without the acquisition of new contacts to your newsletters, you reduce the reach of your campaigns. Maintaining and growing your list is a major challenge and requires a well-targeted acquisition strategy. Maintaining a healthy customer database, coupled with relevant newsletter content, will increase your brand awareness and sales.

Customer acquisition strategy
A successful acquisition strategy can include a registration form in several places on your website: shopping cart page at the time of purchase, in a contact form or as a pop up at the appropriate moment. You can also use an advertising campaign to attract customers and encourage them to sign up. No matter what channel you use, you must be careful in your approach to optimize the results.

Proper segmentation at the time of registration
To achieve a proper targeting, it is important to collect the right information during registration in order to assign the contact to the appropriate list. For example, the first and last name allow for a personalized newsletter while information such as products purchased, age, gender and location allow for the adaptation of the message and content of the newsletters.

Canada's anti-spam legislation

To remain in compliance

L'effet Futé is aware of the C-28 anti-spam law that came into effect on July 1, 2014 and can have your newsletters comply with the regulations.

Did you know?
You can send newsletters to a business relationship with whom money has been exchanged within two years, whereas you have six months if there has only been a request for information with no money exchanged.

L'effet Futé allows you to adjust your newsletters and customer databases to comply with anti-spam legislation and to manage all the history of the people you communicate with according to the prescribed deadlines.

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