Google Ads

A Witty Marketing Strategy!

Stand out from the crowd by displaying your message at the exact moment users are looking for you. Pinpoint your region and your audience to quickly get the results you seek. And pay only the clicks leading to your website!

Google Ads online advertising

Fast and effective results!

Google Ads only appear when an Internet user searches for your company’s activities. It is the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) function of the web  positionning and was formerly known as Adwords.

The concept is simple: you establish the list of keywords that best match your industry and indicate the amount you are willing to pay for a click. Let’s call it your bid. Your ad will be displayed the moment a user enters your keyword, as long as your bid is appropriate.

This is where it gets complicated! Your ad can be displayed even if you do not have the highest bid. This means that a high bid will not guarantee placement. Your quality score can move your ad to the very top of the list!

This means you can have more visibility, with less money! All you need is the right strategy: displaying beautiful ads with a relevant and meaningful landing page for the user.

Google Ads online advertising

An investment that yields results!

Quick results

Most people use the internet to obtain a product or service. See for yourself how quickly your sales increase!

Stand out from the crowd with your advertising

Develop a strategy to ensure that you are visible only when people are looking for you!

Pinpoint your region

Reach only a targeted clientele based on a region and maximize your investment.

Pay only for clicks

Pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad to learn more about you.

Add targeting criteria to your advertising

A smarter way to advertise yourself.

For us, being Futé (meaning witty) is all about defying conventional methods to outperform on search engines and get you closer to your target customers.

For this very reason, we have developed highly efficient targeting processes. The result is a sharp and precise targeting for your advertisements! We can narrow down your audience based on many criteria such as geolocation, age, education, interests and even income. Using these parameters, we can design extremely precise campaigns that bring you concrete results.

The more specific we are, the more accurate we are in targeting the customers most likely to convert and the greater the results you get. Thanks to our team of witty strategists, we do things differently!

Traffic to your website

Optimizing from A to Z

Since the ultimate goal is to send quality traffic to your website, it’s important to ensure that your website converts. A poorly designed website will not convert the quality traffic generated by your ads into leads. Instead, you’ll be turning your advertising investment into a financial disaster.

When Google Ads is part of a broader digital strategy, we can pursue our seduction campaign. Optimizing your website for conversion, through Continuous Improvement, will maximize your return on advertising investments.

Additionally, by using tactics such as remarketing, we will be able to follow-up with your potential customers on other sites and social networks. Displaying banners will allow an audience that is highly interested in your products and services to keep you top of mind.

At L’effet Futé, we ensure that all of your marketing initiatives produce results and that your traffic holds up!

Futé, Futé … What does it mean?

Futé means Witty! Being witty is all about developing opportunities where others only see chaos! We see the internet as a playground: we analyze and simplify it so that it can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool.

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